Sabtu, 11 September 2010


It has been so long since my last post in my blog. I used to think that I'm not going to continue to update my blog, because I always have such a busy week every week. All my collage tasks always haunt me around. Because I always have to finish it and I also have other things that make me so busy.. though I can't mention it one by one.. well now I think I'm judging my self #sok sibuk#

Day by day.. so then I decided what if I wrote things on my blog in my free time (which I think I don't have any) but spare a moment or two berfore I sleep :] . Maybe it doesn't have to be a story, maybe posting pictures and musics that I like! I know it's possible to do that if I'M NOT LAZY !

The think of it, I just relized, I don't write on my blog because i'm too busy but because I'm JUST SO LAZY !

So what I relize is : you have 24 hours to live everyday so you can do anything in your life eventhough the smallest one that we always ignore, and remember if we can do "the smallest one" that we always forget, that means we can do the bigggest one too!

And as you know we do and we learn from little things.
We usually fall not because of big things but infact we fall because of little things, like an Indonesian proverb "kita jatuh karena tersandung kerikil bukan batu kali"


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